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NSBroker and Trading Central are partnering up to provide you with the best trading experience in the world.

The leading provider of broker services and the leading analytics center have teamed up to give you an unrivaled competitive edge in the financial markets.

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We Foster Your Long-Term Success

Our mission in simple: to help you navigate the markets with ease and confidence.

  • 24/7 access to the latest news, analysis and insights.
  • Expert fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Find and validate opportunities.
  • Formulate winning strategies and time your trades.
  • Manage your portfolio.
  • Hedge your risk.
  • Learn about financial markets and investing.

Level up your trading today!

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All in One Financial Insights

No more browsing through dozens of websites to find the information that matters to you.

NSBroker is your “One-Stop Shop” for financial analytics. Our partnership with Trading Central allows us to offer you all of the information that matters in one place.






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Automated Insights Meets Human Expertise

We understand that markets are complex and highly competitive.

Our partnership with Trading Central allows us to combine the revolutionary power of AI analytics and human intuition to arm you with the most accurate tools available:

  • Automated Insights take the bias and emotions out of the analysis methods. This tool provides automated, quant-based analytics across technical, fundamental, sentiment and economic analysis.
  • Human Research Desks formulate recommendations on which pricing patterns best represent market psychology, design forward-thinking charts and provide accurate analysis.

We help traders make educated trades.

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This strategy-focused newsletter helps you stay on top of the markets:

  • Breaking news on the topics that matter to you.
  • Technical and fundamental analysis on your portfolio assets.

Get an edge before the trading day starts!

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