How to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex: a general guide

Posted by Harry Johnson May 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency exchange does not occur in a homogenous environment. Instead, the ecosystem of crypto operations includes various exchange platforms, each with its peculiarities and distinctive features. One of these platforms is Coinbase, a renowned exchange that enjoys considerable popularity among the newcomers to the crypto game. Among its peculiarities, the most significant one is the availability of plenty of fiat currencies, using which people can acquire crypto coins.

In turn, at some point, traders may face a necessity to get deeper into crypto trading and go from acquiring their coins for fiat currencies to exchanging one kind of crypto for another. For this purpose, they will need to seek other exchanges than Coinbase. Facing such a situation, they may find a perfect solution in Bittrex, a platform where the most various crypto pairs revolve. In such a case, traders who need to switch platforms will face the task of transferring their coins from one wallet to another. It could be a significant challenge. Hopefully, this guide will provide you with the essential elements of this procedure.

How to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex: challenges and steps.

Transferring your coins from one exchange to another is a pretty straightforward procedure consisting of a set of clear steps that a trader must take in a specific order. Meanwhile, it is also linked to a set of challenges and potential risks that could easily be mitigated if you know about them.

Things you should keep in mind when you send Bitcoin from Coinbase to other platforms.

Obviously, the first thing you must know when planning an operation under discussion is that you need to have the accounts on both platforms to conduct the transfer. These accounts should be complete and verified. It is also advisable to protect them with maximum security measures, such as 2FA. When you deal with cryptocurrency, you can never be overprotected.

Besides, whenever you transfer crypto from Coinbase send Bitcoin to your Bittrex Bitcoin address, not any other destination. In case of transferring them to some other address by mistake (for instance, by directing your assets to Ethereum or Bitcoin cash), you risk losing your crypto. Therefore, constant double-checking is an essential rule of this sphere.

Step by step

How to transfer Bitcoin to Bittrex, step by step

  1. Enter your Bittrex account.
  2. Select the “Holdings” tab.
  3. In the list you’ll see on the screen, select Bitcoins. Tap on the “Deposit” option.
  4. After step 3, you’ll get the option of creating your Bitcoin Bittrex address, to which you’ll be able to transfer your coins. Generate this address.
  5. Now, enter your Coinbase account.
  6. Go to your Bitcoin wallet. Tap on the “Send” bar.
  7. Fill in the transaction form that will appear after step 6. Put your Bittrex Bitcoin wallet address you generated during step 4 in the “Recipient” field.
  8. As soon as the form is filled, you are able to complete the transaction by clicking on the “Continue” button and then tapping on the “Confirm” option.

That’s it. Now your transaction is complete. However, pay attention to the fact that it can take from ten minutes to several hours for the transfer to reach its destination point. Therefore, don’t panic if it has already been some time and your Bitcoins are still not deposited on your Bittrex account. If you followed all the aforementioned guidelines on how to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase, your transaction would be fine. Just give it some time.

Final words

When you deal with Bitcoin exchange, it is virtually impossible for you to avoid transactions between different wallets and platforms. You may look for better conditions, a broader choice of coins, a larger number of traders, and many other aspects that cannot be provided to you by the initial exchange from which you started your path. Therefore, knowing how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase (which is often the first platform from which you are likely to start your journey) to Bittrex is essential for your future success. Moreover, you can always take it as a fundamental framework for your future transactions because most crypto transfers between different exchanges occur based on similar patterns, with only minor differences depending on the peculiarities linked with wallet address generation on the platform to which your coins are to be transferred.

Meanwhile, you should not limit yourself to this knowledge. Crypto trading concerns many different procedures. For instance, upon transferring your assets from Coinbase, you may want to know how to buy coins on Bittrex and conduct other operations related to this platform. Luckily, today, people have access to most pieces of crypto-related knowledge online. Therefore, don’t hesitate to educate yourself on different aspects of crypto operations, and your chances to succeed in this field will increase significantly.


Harry Johnson

Successfully passed the internship at the United States Department of the Treasury. Discovered trading at the university.

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