Safety of Funds

As a responsible broker, ensuring the proper security of our customers' funds is of paramount importance to NSBroker. The Regulations to which Alchemy Markets Ltd. adhere guarantee that NSBroker consistently operates within the guidelines, so customers can trade with certainty, safe in the knowledge that their assets are safe.

Regulated by MFSA

Alchemy Markets Ltd. Is Authorised and Regulated by the MFSA, a highly reputable Regulatory Authority established within one of Europe's most stable economies. As a licensed Forex Brokerage, Alchemy Markets Ltd. is subject to rigorous oversight and continuous scrutiny of financial and accounting transparency to maintain its license.

Segregation of Client Funds

Alchemy Markets Ltd ensures that all customer funds are completely segregated from the company's own funds, as mandated by the MFSA. These customer deposits are securely held in separate bank accounts, ensuring that they are exclusively reserved for customer account trading purposes. Our independent global auditor is responsible for impartially verifying that Alchemy Markets Ltd.’s business operations consistently meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards.

Partnership with Investment Grade Banks

Alchemy Markets Ltd. has established partnerships with Tier 1 investment-grade European and international banks renowned for their top-tier ratings. These collaborations empower our brokerage to leverage stable banking facilities, minimizing exposure to credit risk and ensuring that our customers have access to robust liquidity when engaging in trading activities.

Negative Balance Protection

An essential component of our technology revolves around ensuring risk management for our clients. Alchemy Markets Ltd. employs both the systems and methodologies to automate the monitoring of each transaction and the risk management process. This is implemented to guarantee that customer account balances consistently remain in the positive, while open positions are safeguarded against losses beyond the initial investment.

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