Pip Value Calculator

Pip value calculator will help to calculate the value of a pip in the currency to trade in.

NSBroker Pip Value Calculator

With our forex pip profit calculator you will be able to easily calculate the value of each pip in your base currency. This way it is much more convenient to monitor the risk per trade you make, and without a doubt, calculating pips is one of the best things a trader can do while trading. This ensures maximum profits and minimal loses which is exactly what any trader is going for when trading!

What Is Pip Value?

Pip value is a set price that is used to calculate a one pip move in a forex trade. This term is mostly used when calculating a trades losses or gains. Since pips overall are of small value , they are traded in micro and mini lots. When defining a pips value, there are a few things that are taken into consideration. The factors are the currency pair that is being traded, the exchange rate and of course, the size of the trade.

Here's How A Pip Calculator works

  1. Step 1
    Set the need pip amount

  2. Step 2
    Choose the needed currency pair for the trade

  3. Step 3
    Pick the number of lots that you want to trade

  4. Step 4
    Pick in which currency you would like the pip value to be displayed in

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