Persons reporting to FATCA

In accordance with US law, all foreign financial companies must work on the principles of the FATCA law. In accordance with these requirements, all companies are required to provide information about US counterparties and their accounts. Every US resident must inform the authorities about his activity, and also comply with the FATCA requirements. We consider the persons accountable for the US law the following citizens:

  1. A US citizen (including citizens with dual citizenship);
  2. Resident of US taxation;
  3. Domestic partnership;
  4. Domestic Corporation;
  5. Property that is not foreign;
  6. USA on the implementation of primary surveillance.

If you are not a resident of FATCA, you should respond positively to the following declaration:

  1. I am not a US citizen, including I do not have the dual citizenship of this country;
  2. My homeland is not the United States;
  3. At the moment, I do not have a postal address in the United States and (or) a permanent address in that country;
  4. I do not have a current account in the US;
  5. I do not have money transfers that pass through the United States;
  6. I do not have a power of attorney for the right to sign, which is represented by a principal from the United States;
  7. I do not have a US tax identification number.

Persons reporting to the CRS

The rules for complying with CRS report standards require the Company to collect, process, and report additional information about residents. Resident is any person defined by the laws of the United States. In this case, you will work according to the rules of this condition and the FATCA procedure. Our Company does not provide tax advice. For these purposes, you will need your own tax advisor, which will help with filling out forms.

In accordance with the standardization of reports, you can provide additional information about yourself in order to speed up the processing of data, and hence the transition to investment activities. In particular, you can fill out the form, indicating the countries with which you signed the agreements obliging you to exchange information of the financial plan. In this form it is necessary to fill in the field of the taxpayer identification number, but there may be some cases when the Client is a resident of the country, but the number cannot be received. In this case, you need to fill out the form, indicating the reason for the absence of the TIN.

Country Taxpayer Identification Number Reasons for TIN absence  
UK   A

A - There is no banking activity in the country.

B - Another reason (you need to describe in detail the reason).

C - In accordance with the law of the country, the receipt of an TIN is not required.

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